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 Disa fjale per Shqiptaret (Anglisht)

Shko poshtë 

Numri i postimeve : 1522
Age : 107
Vendbanimi : kudo dhe kurdo ne cdo kohe
Puna/hobi : to do nothing it's something
Humor : shes sporia n'korzo...hahah
Registration date : 12/11/2008

MesazhTitulli: Disa fjale per Shqiptaret (Anglisht)   Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:28 am

Me posht do te gjeni disa fjale mbi shqiptaret, por jane ne gjuhen angleze, nese dikush nga ju ka per te shtuar diqka le te ben kete, keto fjale jane marr nga: www.albanian.com

"The Albanians, these tigers of mountain wars ... have as their religion rebellion. Even their worst warrior is one of the strongest and bravest on the battle-field, just as if he was a knight on the legendary horse. But he has no horse, nor proper weapons for battle. Instead of the horse, he has a lance which strikes as lightning, he has spears who's points are full of posion as the sting of hornets, he has also a wooden bow with some arrows. Furthermore, he is stronger than iron ... "
- Ibn Kemal, Historian of the Turkish court during Skanderbeg's war against the Turks.

"Albanians behind every rock, and piff, paff, a bullet in your living heart"
-Edith Durham

"The story of the Albanians deserves a study in itself. Attracted by the 'sword, the gold trappings, and the honours, they left their mountains chiefly in order to become soldiers. In the sixteenth century they were to be found in Cyprus, in Venice, in Mantua, in Rome, in Naples, and Sicily, and as far abroad as Madrid, where they went to present their projects and their grievances, to ask for barrels of gunpowder or years of pension, arrogant, imperious, always ready for a fight."
- Nicholas Pappas

"The Albanians have been born to resist and disobey."
- Dursam Bey, during the second siege of Kruja.

"They are Nietzsche's over-men, these primitive Albanians — something between kings and tigers."
- Henry Noel Brailsford

"The Albanians today are a warlike, lawless people, but nevertheless they have their own-and a very strict-code of honor and they are faithfull even unto death"
-H.Charles Woods

"Fierce are Albania's children, yet they lack
Not virtues, were those virtues more mature.
Where is the foe that ever saw their back?
Who can so well the toil of war endure?
Their native fastnesses not more secure
Than they in doubtful time of troublous need:
Their wrath how deadly! but their friendship sure,
When Gratitude or Valour bids them bleed,
Unshaken rushing on where'er theri chief may lead"
-Lord Byron

"The men who marched to Babylon , Persia and India were the ancestors of the Albanians..."
- Wadham Peacock

..... Anon from the castle walls
The crescent banner falls,
And the crowd beholds instead,
Like a portent in the sky,
Iskander's banner fly,
The Black Eagle with double head.
And shouts ascend on high
.....'' Long live Scanderbeg.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"In the list of heroes, John Hunyadi and Scanderbeg are commonly associated and entitled to our notice since their occupation of arms delayed the ruin of the Greek (Byzantine) Empire. ..... The Albanian prince may justly be praised as a firm and able champion of his national independence. The enthusiasm of chivalry and religion has ranked him with the names of Alexander the Great and Pyrrhus. .....''
- Historian Edmond Gibbon in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

"Scanderbeg exceeds all the officers, ancient and modern, in the conduct of a defensive army. I met him in Turkish history but nowhere else.''
- Major General James Wolfe, commander of the English army at the siege of Quebec, Canada, writting to Lord Sydney

"The Gueghes are thickset and muscular, the Toskes slender and agile, both strong, vigorous, and perhaps the finest race in Europe."
"The characteristics common to both people are love of independence, love of war, a revengual spirit, mering into ferocity."
"They are wild, plundering, indefatigable soldiers, selling their services and their blood to those who pay them highest; but lively, gay, adventurous, sober, generous and heroic so soon as it concerns the defence of their country, their tribe, or their family."
"They are an iron race, as hard as the rocks they inhabit."
- Lord Byron talking about Albanians

"When spring comes, we will manure the plains of Kosova with the bones of Serbs, for we, Albanians, have suffered too much to forget."
- Isa Boletini, leaving the Ambassadors Conference in London, 1913

"The Arnaouts, or Albanese, struck me forcibly by their resemblance to the Highlanders of Scotland, in dress, figure and manner of language."
- Lord Byron

"If you want a hundred Italians to be quiet, shoot one.
If you want a hundred Albanians to be quiet, you must shoot ninety-nine."
-Old Albanian proverb

"If you want a hundred Italians to be quiet, shoot one.
If you want a hundred Albanians to be quiet, you must shoot ninety-nine."
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Disa fjale per Shqiptaret (Anglisht)
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